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Essential Zen In Prescott Arizona


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Kris Kelley 

Friday, December 31, 2021

Fear Based Living vs. Love Based Living

After the New Year I'll be writing about fear based living vs. love based living. 


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Aspects and EFT Tapping

Now that I have moved into my new location in Prescott, Arizona, EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona is in full swing! It’s really nice living in a small city. Even though we’ve been here for almost three years now, I still tell everyone how we’re still ‘settling in’! 

The topic of this post is ‘aspects’ and the different forms which arise while we are performing EFT Tapping in Prescott. I’m going to be using one of my clients as an example, one I have used before. This client and I have worked together for over two years now, mostly performing just medical massage. Only in the past six months have I introduced EFT Tapping to him.

What is an aspect? An aspect could be a totally un-related subject or topic that one needs to perform tapping on that creeps into our mind while tapping. Yet, that’s not what I’m getting at, here. What I’m getting at is another issue that’s related to the larger issue one is performing EFT Tapping on. An example in regards to our physical body would be, if we are performing a bench press. The main muscle doing the work is the pec major. Yet, the supplemental muscles that assist are the front deltoid and the triceps. Thus, the ‘aspects’ of this movement are the front deltoid and triceps; not the prime mover. A psychological example used here at EFT Tapping in Prescott would be as follows: You are performing tapping on the issue of quitting smoking. A supplementary aspect of this may be the thoughts that arise while tapping in regards to the enjoyment of lighting up the cigarette. Or, that you get to sneak out back for five minutes to smoke the cigarette. Or, the act of lighting the cigarette. 

Now that we have an idea of what ‘aspects’ are, let me continue on in regards to EFT Tapping with the client. In previous work with this specific client, I discussed the death of his wife and how we tapped through that. That’s coming along quite nicely, yet, think of all the aspects associated with losing a loved one. The aspects we worked on today with EFT Tapping in Prescott was in regards to this client and his four daughters. Although all four are grown, they vary in age from early thirties to their forties, losing their mother was hard on them. It’s also very hard on the client, as he now feels completely responsible for all four daughters.

To be more specific in regards to the aspects we worked on with EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona was the clients feeling of guilt for allowing his wife to pass away, and, now being the sole parent and solely responsible to the four daughters. This was a long two-hour session. We first performed EFT Tapping on these aspects for about an hour, then we spent the second hour performing medical massage. (I was hoping the tapping would relax his physical body, first.)

What was most interesting during this session was the actual physical medical massage. The client was still tense, as he always is, and I decided to perform massage and Tapping with him simultaneously. I’ve been performing massage for many years; thus, I can sense and know when a client is constricted and tense. So, I had to communicate a great deal with my client; this wasn’t a ‘lay there and get rubbed’ form of massage.

Some areas of his body were very relaxed, mostly his lower extremities, yet his arms, neck and head were still tense. (The client is a big thinker, not a big physical movement kind of guy. Thinkers seem to always have issues with their head, neck, shoulders and arms.) The relaxed areas of his body were massaged, yet the tense areas I verbally communicated with him and massaged him at the same time. EFT Tapping in Prescott was performed with him on the tight areas, such as while massaging him I’d ask him what he’s thinking about, he would tell me, and then I’d create a set-up statement and we’d massage (as opposed to performing Tapping on the meridian points) and verbally go through the set-up statement. Listed below are just a couple of the set-up statements:

“Even though I feel guilty for Xxxx dying, and I’m holding this guilt in my shoulders, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m now a single parent and take on all the responsibility of being the single parent to my daughters, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m holding all this tension and stress in my neck and shoulders, I forgive myself completely for Xxxx's death.”

I had many others yet can’t recall them at this time. It may sound corny to say that I ‘wing-it’ with clients, yet that’s exactly what I do here at EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona. Why? Because each session is personal to the individual and their unique situation. This isn’t something we can write a script for, especially when we start getting down to specific aspects of each issue. It’s also why EFT Tapping works so well.

Thus, the client made some good progress. I was attempting to assist him in allowing his mind and body to coordinate. For the client to sense the tension in parts of his body (through my hands and medical massage) and how it’s tied to his mind (using EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona.) To just let go. It’s like attempting to fall asleep. We can’t make ourselves sleep; we not-do, and just allow.

Ok, this is getting long, so I’ll end this post here. The more I write about Tapping the more difficult I find to do so. It’s to be performed and then perhaps we can discuss the results. Discussing or writing about the ‘how’ is a tough row to hoe.

Kristopher Kelley - Personal Performance Coach

Saturday, January 9, 2021

EFT Tapping in Prescott on Facebook

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One topic I'd like to cover in this short blog post is the mind-body connection. I think we all realize this, yet often when health care professionals and clients spend so much of their time attempting to 'cure' the physical body, they forget to assist the mind as well. (The mind runs the body.) I find this extremely important, yet it's not easy. Hey, it took me 20 years to come to this conclusion and understand this.

In a blog post a couple of weeks ago, I quoted a gentlemen who wrote about how 'pain is in the brain.' This has sparked a huge debate. Most health care providers (may) understand this, yet they still insist that pain is also located in the physical body as well, not just in the chemical and electrical synapses firing in the brain telling us we are in danger.

I agree. Yet, once again, the brain/mind aspect is often downplayed, secondary, to some 'physical pain' you 'feel' in some location of your body. This is why EFT Tapping in Prescott is so valuable; it involves both the mind and the body. Please understand that the people I'm most often dealing with, the healthcare professionals I interact with, are mostly 'physical' providers such as fellow massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc., not psychologists.

I respect these healthcare professionals a great deal, yet, most of them are still stuck in dealing with symptoms of the physical body. I know how this is, as I was the same way with my Las Vegas massage clients for the past 15 years, prior to moving to Arizona. Yet, if I can change, so can others. I actually got one doctor on a social media site so pissed off he was practically frothing at the mouth. That's not good. EFT Tapping WORKS, as do many other methods. Open your mind, and you may realize that this (opening of your mind) is really all you need to heal. 

Enjoy your beautiful Saturday and keep tapping! 

Kris Kelley

P.S. - I've stopped putting my phone number and email address on my blog posts. Why? To many spammers. If you choose to contact me, please use the 'message' box above, on either side of the blog posts. Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Chronic Muscle Pain Relief In Prescott Arizona

Happy New Year (almost!) to you, your family and friends!

Here's a quick post in regards to medical massage therapy and EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona and why they work together so well.

Myo-fascial tissue is fascinating. It actually disturbs me that we do not teach more people what massage therapists have learned over the past many years. I have learned that the muscles of the body want to be warm and supple. They want to be stretched often and relaxed constantly to relieve unhealthy levels of tension that build up in them during the course of daily events and movements. I am a busy professional and know this all too well. EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona as well as medical massage are a great combination for emotional and physical release.

As I look and sympathize with my clients experiencing chronic muscle pain, it seems that what occurs to me is a sort of muscular breakdown of a particular region of the body. The muscles simply contract and say “no more.” The muscles themselves have become hard like concrete and become painful all of the time. The worst areas were exquisitely painful when palpated and stroked; especially first-time clients. This is why I often begin a massage session with EFT Tapping in Prescott. (After the in-take form is complete as well as proper assessment of body AND mind.) This engages the CNS (Central Nervous System) and calms the body.

It is important for me to realize that the knotted-up muscles were not solely the reason for the chronic pain...I think about the central nervous system and look for ways (such as EFT Tapping in Prescott, meditation, breathing exercises,) clients can calm this from anxiety and tension. (Add the anxiety and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and you’ve got some serious issues!)

One of the most important elements in my client’s recovery from chronic muscle pain, once we have worked through emotional attachments to physical pain with EFT Tapping, has been for me to teach clients a conceptual understanding of the science of trigger points and myo-fascial restriction. Understanding trigger points and why and when they caused pain is crucial for clients to manage and eliminate them. (I can teach you this during our session as well.) At some point they finally had to surrender to the fact that their condition was not one where they could just go to the doctor, be given a pill, and never had to think about it again.

The massage protocol and EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona treatment I use often bumps up against psychological patterns that refuse to let go of guarding against imagined danger. The core of my treatment for chronic pain relief in Prescott is training my clients to profoundly relax their tense muscles. This means that they ‘un-defend themselves.’ This is WHY I use both medical massage and EFT Tapping. It means that they allow themselves to be at ease, to feel good, and to let go of vigilance.

What’s often helpful is to facilitate a dialogue between the part of the client who wants to improve and the part that seems unable to move ahead. What often emerges from these dialogues is the fear of the unknown that is imagined if there is no more pain or dysfunction. This is why our treatment of massage and EFT Tapping works so well. We work with the mind AND the body, getting through the fear of the unknown. This is a huge step forward once you achieve it! 

Okay, this is enough 'words' for now. Give me a call if you are looking for chronic muscle pain relief in Prescott Arizona and I'll fix you up ASAP! 

Happy New Year to you and the ones you love, and I'll chat with you next year!

Kristopher Kelley - (928) 273-8666 -

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

EFT Tapping Prescott Style

EFT Tapping Prescott style continues to provide results in a quick and efficient manner, even with the COVID-19 pandemic!

Historically, for most of my clients, it was very difficult in the past to alter and change their emotional experience and feelings. Many clients, like all of us, could spend years in visualization, contemplation and or meditation, attempting to cultivate inner peace. But that state of 'inner-peace awareness' is easily disturbed by the events of the average day. Life is fine and dandy sitting in meditation, yet what occurs when you are at work and your boss starts yelling at you, or your kids upset you while you are at home attempting to relax? Inner-peace goes straight out the window! These techniques take many years to learn and perfect, which is fine, yet, it's why EFT Tapping Prescott style works so well. It's quick, easy and painless. (For the most part!) 

As I'm a massage therapist, personal trainer, life coach and death doula, I work mostly with clients who have physical ailments. Yet, with that said, in over 15 years of private practice, I've yet to find a physical ailment that isn't tied to a mental emotional issue as well, and that's why in my humble opinion, EFT Tapping Prescott style works so well. That’s not to say that physical ailments and disease are entirely psychological in origin. What it does indicate is that a lifetime of carrying the burden of anxiety, stress and trauma takes a toll on our bodies. When people use Tapping for physical problems, they are releasing the emotional memories associated with the symptom. Once those memories don’t hurt anymore, the stress response is reduced, and the body has a chance to heal. Please feel free to re-read that last bold type above, again!

EFT Tapping Prescott style has also been used with many of my massage clients for chronic muscle pain relief, for sports performance, school performance, and business performance. When the anxieties that claim a large part of our attention are removed, their full capacities come to bear on the task at hand. That’s why you’ll find so many stories of athletes and scholars performing better after Tapping. There are also specialty books on these subjects, but those are out of the scope of this post. 

As I commented on in a previous post in regards to the psychological aspect, measuring the intensity of your emotion associated with a traumatic memory, then pair your memory with a statement of self-acceptance, listed here on this blog, the other stream of experience on which EFT Tapping Prescott style draws from is Asian medicine, in the form of acupuncture points associated with energy meridians of the physical body.

EFT Tapping Prescott has come to learn that acupuncture has demonstrated efficacy for PTSD and psychological problems, as well as physical ones. Studies have shown that pressure on acupuncture points can be as effective as inserting needles, and scientists have also shown that real acupuncture points are more effective than inserting needles into non-acupoints. So, Tapping is sometimes called “acupuncture without needles,” even though it has as much historical basis in Western psychological science as Eastern medicine.

The two streams were brought together in the 1970's when an American psychologist, Roger Callahan, discovered that his patients could be cured of phobias in a single session. To this day, phobias are one of the easiest conditions for EFT Tapping Prescott style to treat. Callahan’s system was simplified by Stanford-trained engineer Gary Craig, and gained widespread popularity. EFT Tapping Prescott style has been validated as an evidence-based medicine approach in many studies, including randomized controlled trials that measure PTSD, pain, depression, anxiety, and cravings. Tapping is part of a group of therapies called energy psychology, because they are believed to affect the body’s electromagnetic energy fields.

Ok, that's enough for today in regards to EFT Tapping Prescott style.

To conclude, I think this method (EFT Tapping In Prescott Arizona) has added quite an edge to my regular practices and in the meantime, I have used EFT Tapping Prescott style on myself and family members for variety of quick therapies from shoulder pain to headaches, nausea, and so on. This method is absolutely invaluable!

It’s the week before Christmas and I STILL have some shopping to do, so for now, enjoy the holiday’s, and if you can’t, please feel free to give me a call and we can work through your issues.

Kris Kelley (928) 273-8666 -

Monday, December 21, 2020

EFT Tapping Teachers

I'm often asked, "Where did you learn EFT Tapping?" "Who taught you?"

Although I've picked up some tips here and there from many different Tapping teachers, there are two teachers who instructed me the majority of the time. These would be Gary Craig, the founder of EFT Tapping, and Nick Ortner, another pioneer in the Tapping field.

I began EFT Tapping in 2003 when I ordered Gary Craig's material. This is where I learned the gist of tapping, as well as some other energy healing techniques, AKA 'energy psychology.' I learned a great deal from Gary, but as I was in massage therapy school at the time, I spent the majority of time studying for the National Board massage test and not EFT. 

This lasted for several years until I wanted to get into 'energy work' again. Reiki seems to go hand-in-hand with massage, but from the several 'teachers' who instructed in Reiki, I was not impressed. Thus, I went back to EFT Tapping. At this time Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution was popular, so I purchased his book and started learning Tapping his way. (Each teacher has a different method.) 

I also dug back into Gary's work, and even managed to get him on the telephone for a conversation! He's a marvelous gentleman and spent a good half hour on the phone with me. What a great time and learning experience I had!  

Again, as mentioned above, I've learned from other 'Tappers,' such as Dawson Church and Rick Wilkes, yet Gary and Nick were my primary teachers. 

Here are their webpages if you are looking for further information I've yet to provide, or if you want to see what they offer. All the above mentioned are excellent teachers! 

Gary Craig (The founder of EFT Tapping) - EMOFREE

Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution 

Hope this helps, and if you are ever stuck, and don't know how to proceed, please contact me and we can work together through your issues! Especially with this Covid-19 crap going around.

Thanks for your time,

Kris Kelley - (928) 273-8666

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Tips for Beginning and Continuing EFT Tapping

Here is a list of five short pointers to keep in mind, as they seem relevant to EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona. You can use these pointers for just about anything and everything in your daily life if you really think about it. Let’s get to some tapping and see how these tips work. Tapping doesn’t work unless you do, so let's begin, immediately!   


Whatever you avoid, somebody or something else has to pick up. Emotions are energy in motion. If you don't experience them, then the energy either goes into your body and is stored there or it goes out into the world. Why would you make others experience what you, yourself, are avoiding? (Author’s note: Avoiding is one of the biggest opportunities with EFT Tapping.) Avoided and unresolved issues are stored in the subconscious (and the physical body, IMHO) and we have to tackle these issues directly if we want resolution.


When energy is blocked or can't move, it stagnates. In your body, the restricted energy goes into adjacent muscles and organs and causes illness. In your personality, restricted energy flows into the patterns that you are least aware of and they run. In groups, restricted energy flows into the people whose attention is weakest and they are flooded. When energy stagnates, change the configuration or pay the consequences. This is where EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona really comes into play. I work your physical body with massage and work your mind and energy body with tapping.


Consistent EFT Tapping practice builds momentum. Momentum doesn't just go away. It has to go somewhere. When attention is not present, momentum flows into old patterns and powers them. The more you practice EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona, the longer you practice, the more important attention becomes. There are no vacations when working out unresolved issues. 


Respect the rhythms of practice. When you are tense and on edge in your tapping practice, just rest. When you are relaxed and open, push deep into the issue you wish to resolve. Glass doesn't bend; it breaks. Water doesn't move until you open a channel. Once again, tapping ‘opens the channel’ with your physical body and works on the mind and energy body. Do you now see the mind-body connection?

Old ways (Habits)

Once you see through a pattern using the EFT Tapping techniques, once you see what you've been doing, thinking, behaving, you can't go back. Ignorance may have been bliss, but you aren't there anymore. This means you can’t use your old excuses anymore, or use your old patterns and behaviors as a crutch anymore. Thus, you need to be prepared to live your (new) life without the old thoughts, actions and beliefs.

Hopefully this short blog post will entice you to begin or to continue on with EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona. It’s a marvelous mind and body healing technique, yet it’s not just theory. You actually have to DO it! If you don’t know where to begin, contact me. This contact information is provided below. Enjoy your weekend, I know I will!

Kristopher Kelley - Personal Performance Coach

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Chronic Pain Relief in Prescott Arizona

This blog post is in regards to how EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona can effect your mind-body connection. This article is a bit more about the physical body and how it reacts and responds to stress in our daily world.  

The conscious person, you, make decisions and send commands to your body. You send these commands, often out of habit. They feel normal and familiar to you in your daily interactions.

The area in or on your body where you are having chronic pain, wherever that may be, these functions and their myriad of biochemical, nervous, and the coprocessors go on and off and do so often without requiring your awareness, will, conscious effort, or attention.

We see that the problem begins when the world demands that the area you are having chronic pain starts working on a constant basis. Normally, these muscles are dynamic, working and resting throughout the day. Even though they tighten, they have the ability to relax and this relaxed state allows for proper oxygenation, nutrition and management of wastes as well as rejuvenation of tissue.

The muscles are not meant to be chronically contracted. When muscles are chronically tensed, they tend to shorten, knot up, and eventually accommodate, so that the posture of a shortened state of the muscles feels uncomfortable but normal. Here’s an example: Make a fist with your hand and fingers and hold it for as long as you can. Now, think of the area of your body that’s in chronic pain; this is what it’s doing and WHY you may be in chronic pain all the time.

Generally speaking, people who have no pain, have muscles that contract and then they relax. For people who are in chronic pain, whose way of expressing their anxiety is taking up the muscle strongly, flexing the muscle for a long time, or for people that have had some kind of injury and pain that has caused the muscles to reflexively tighten against the pain, the muscles don't relax well after contraction.

They stay in a state or spasm of contraction and when the muscles don't relax, all kinds of weird symptoms occur; symptoms that you can't know firsthand unless your muscles have been tight for a long time. (Which I’m sure they have been if you’re reading this.)

Mindfulness, relaxation and positive thinking is what we work on here at the Mind-Body Awareness and Healing Arts Center and while performing EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona. Basically, this means getting in touch with your body; getting your mind and body working together. Not just getting them in-tune, but getting them to relax together. The mind and body are One, not two, and the mind runs the body. When we calm our mind, we calm our body.

I spent 15 years performing medical massage, and I have to tell you, that physical (massage or anything else) as a form of relaxation just isn't enough! This is why I enjoy EFT Tapping so much. It gets YOU to work with both YOUR mind and body, with YOU guiding them! Not an external source. Yes, I will work together with you as you learn EFT Tapping, but in the long run, you need to work this process yourself and heal yourself. I'm finding that healing ourselves really IS the only way! 

With that said, there are many methods to accomplish relaxation. EFT, meditation, bodywork, yoga, breathing exercises, etc., etc. Even a good discussion about what’s bugging you will do the trick. That’s why I’ve now included life coaching in Las Vegas as a method of relaxation. I’m a sounding board for you! I listen to you, regardless of what you’d like to talk about.

Just give me a ring on the telephone or a quick message and we can get started!

Kris Kelley

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

EFT Tapping and the Root Cause of Health and Wellness

One of the easiest-to-learn healing methods I have ever encountered is called EFT Tapping, also known as a form of Emotional Freedom Techniques or meridian tapping. Tapping is a form of energy healing; it is designed to resolve many physical and emotional problems by simply working with the body at certain energy points.

EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona is a type of psychological acupuncture that employs tapping rather than needles. You simply tap with your fingertips on certain areas on the body known as meridians in order to stimulate them.

So how does Tapping work, exactly? Developed in the 1990’s, EFT evolved from meridian-based therapies, such as acupuncture and acupressure. Both attribute disease and emotional dysfunction to disturbances in the energetic field. Energy is believed to flow through our bodies along meridians or pathways that connect to each other, and to our organs, much like an electrical circuit.

If we’re under stress of any sort - either emotional (anxiety, for example) or physical (a food intolerance) - then the energy meridian most affected will shut down or get blocked. The other connected meridians try to compensate in order to keep the energy flowing. But eventually, they get overloaded and blocked. The result is pain or other symptoms.

These problems often stem from negative emotions stored within the body. EFT Tapping in Prescott utilizes gentle tapping on the body, as tapping is believed to open energetic centers to release these emotions. According to proponents, EFT can help heal many conditions, including eating disorders, phobias, PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and many serious physical illnesses. If EFT interests you, it’s best to locate a qualified practitioner such as myself to lead you through the process. You’ll learn where and how to tap, and how to employ breathing and affirmations as part of the therapy. You can see me in action performing tapping in video form here, at EFT Tapping Solutions.

The science behind EFT Tapping in Prescott is why it works so well on such a diverse range of health and wellness issues - everything from managing physical and emotional pain to erasing phobias to maintaining better relationships.

Tapping targets the root cause of health and wellness challenges by interrupting the body’s stress response quickly and effectively. As you will discover in this blog, tapping is a powerful tool for enabling health on multiple levels: mental, emotional, and physical. From depression, anxiety, and stress-related disorders like PTSD and fibromyalgia to physical pain and a lot, lot more, as tapping is producing consistent and compelling results.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, including a wholesome, plant-rich diet, regular physical exercise, and neutral emotions to support health at a systematic level, EFT tapping in Prescott is a fast-acting, noninvasive way to proactively manage the stress that so often leaves our bodies vulnerable to disease.

Call me now for a FREE consultation and EFT Tapping session!

Kris Kelley

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