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Quit Smoking Tips In Prescott Arizona

Quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona with EFT Tapping. If you have ever tried to stop smoking, you realized how difficult it is. It’s probably why you are visiting this page. If you are still searching for a simple and inexpensive method to assist you, please read this blog and watch my video below. You will stop smoking using this method!

Please understand that I’m not a professional videographer, so I do the best I can in making these video’s. I’m not nearly as nervous in person as I am in these video’s. During our one-on-one sessions, or even sessions in video like Skype or FaceTime, I spend a lot of time listening to you, and then teaching you the EFT Tapping protocol with appropriate verbiage based on your own person situation. If you would like to watch other video's I've created, please visit this page, EFT Tapping Solutions, on YouTube.

Please continue reading this blog below the video as I break it down for more quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona using EFT Tapping. This way, if you missed an important step in the video, I cover it here with context and words.

Quit Smoking Tips In Prescott Arizona

As mentioned in the video above, after a couple round of general EFT Tapping as just one form of quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona, you want to get your Tapping Journal out and write down everything you can think of in regards to your smoking. Here are just a few examples for question and answer:

  • How or why did I begin smoking?
  • Why do I still smoke?
  • How does smoking make me feel?
  • What do I really enjoy about smoking?
  • Why do I want to quit smoking?

Answer the questions above by writing them down in your journal, as well as think up other questions surrounding your addiction to smoking. And yes, addictive smoking is what I’m addressing here. EFT Tapping in Prescott works wonders on all addictions. This post isn’t directed to the person who wants to look cool or be silly and has a cigarette once every three months while drinking at the bar with their buddies. I’m addressing addictive behavior; something you cannot stop doing.

Okay, so back to quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona using EFT Tapping. After you have written down all you can write in regards to smoking in your Tapping Journal, pick a topic or sub-topic of smoking and begin tapping on it. You can choose a major issue, such as how or why you began smoking, or you may want to begin with a smaller issue. Please remember this though: If and when you choose to tackle the perceived ‘big’ issues, and once these are resolved, this may resolve some of the smaller issues as well.

This is how EFT Tapping in Prescott works. Often times when we work through a larger issue, this ‘collapses’ the smaller issues surrounding it. Thus, when you are ready, tackle a big issue and see if this method works for you. If you get stuck in this process or protocol, please feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail, and I will assist you. My contact information is listed at the bottom of this post.

This is very important as well while using EFT Tapping as a form of quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona: You will need to perform the tapping protocol as often as you feel the urge or need to smoke. This is the way it is with addictions. They control us, we don’t control them. Thus, you may need to perform 30-40 rounds of EFT Tapping every single day! Let me explain this a bit further.

If you feel the urge to smoke every thirty minutes, then this is when you need to perform tapping instead of smoking. Perform as many rounds as needed until the urge goes away. So, as you can see, you may need to spend a lot of time tapping. Quit smoking tips in Prescott are a dime a dozen, yet if you perform the tapping protocol, you WILL break the addiction.

Now, if you ‘fall off the wagon’ and begin smoking at some point during the day, that’s okay. Set yourself a goal of using EFT Tapping every time you want a cigarette. Then set another smaller goal knowing you will start smoking again at some point throughout the day. An example would be: If you smoke one cigarette every hour during an eight-hour workday, perform the tapping during the urge to smoke, and try and not smoke. Yet, if performing a dozen rounds of tapping isn’t assisting and you have to smoke, do your best to cut back to, let’s say, four cigarettes per workday. Really focus and set your intent to stop.

Here are a few more quit smoking tips in Prescott that I’d like to cover. Remember the questions mentioned above? Begin tapping on all your questions and answers. What do you enjoy about smoking? Why do you smoke? What do you dislike about it? Dig in to all these ‘aspects’ and perform EFT Tapping in Prescott on them.

Here are a couple more questions you can add to your Tapping Journal to answer:

  • Smoking gives me a short ‘high’ feeling and relaxes me. If I quit smoking, what will replace this buzz feeling I physically enjoy?
  • I smoke because it also mentally relaxes me. What else will I do, or can do, once I quit smoking during my break time at work? Or, when I’m bored at home? What about when I’m around all my friends who smoke? What then?
  • I’m just physically addicted to smoking. I really don’t enjoy it, but just really crave smoking at certain times. How do I address this?

Now, if you want to tackle all those questions alone, please give it a try and do you best. Perform EFT Tapping in Prescott on ALL your questions AND answers. Yet, there is a quicker, easier method for quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona.

What is that? Contacting me, of course! I offer a free sixty-minute session of EFT Tapping in Prescott Arizona. We can work on how to stop smoking or any other topic you choose. Once again, my contact information is listed at the bottom of this post. For now, let’s continue on in regards to some of the main reasons WHY we began smoking, or continue to smoke, now.

As I mentioned in the video above, smoking is a symptom of something deeper. This is yet another one of these quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona that is very important. So, if smoking is a symptom, what is the cause? What is triggering the craving or conditioned behavior to smoke? Big question. Yet, big questions deserve big answers.

So, this is where you need to raise your awareness level, as well as putting your thinking cap on. You need to start paying attention to your thoughts and actions surrounding your desire to smoke. The moment you crave a cigarette, ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now? What am I doing right now?” This may provide you a clue as to what is triggering your desire to smoke at that particular time. Yet another couple quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona related to your triggers may be:

  • Your level of stress at a particular time triggers your desire to smoke. (To relieve the stress.)
  • You are just ‘in the habit’ of smoking during break times at work.
  • You use smoking as a ‘reward’ for getting your work done or a big accomplishment.
  • You just enjoy the hell out of it and smoke whenever the thought of smoking crosses your mind.
  • You really like smoking, yet know it’s not healthy for you. (This is when you bring guilt into the equation.)

Can you see all the reasons you may smoke? Please note that I’m not judging you, regardless of your reasons for smoking. Also, keep this in mind as a form of quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona, and I may receive some frowns for this advice…

If nothing is working in your attempt to quit smoking, then smoke and don’t feel guilty about it! Or, perform EFT Tapping in Prescott on the guilt associated with attempting to quit this addiction, and relax and enjoy yourself.

This is the same advice I tell clients who are over-weight, yet don’t want to change their behavior: If you choose to remain fat, at least be fat and happy! (Please understand that I'm not attempting to mock or be condescending in any way. I'm just being honest with my clients, and they love that!) This goes for smoking as well. If you are going to smoke, smoke, and enjoy it. Don’t add guilt to the equation to further degrade your health.

I think that is enough for this post. Once again, as always, if you need assistance with this EFT Tapping protocol as a form of quit smoking tips in Prescott Arizona, contact me. Stopping addictions and addictive behaviors, regardless if they are bad for your health, need a lot of awareness. I can assist you with this. And don't forget, I'm still working in Las Vegas as well, if you need one-on-one therapy.

Signing off for now,

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