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EFT Tapping For Stress Relief


I haven't written a blog post since last year as I've been busy attempting to move from Las Vegas, Nevada to Prescott, Arizona.

I'll spare you all the gory details, yet take my word for it, this hasn't been a pleasant experience. Thus, what do we do when we are stress out to the max? EFT Tapping, of course! I just mentioned how I'll not complain on and on about my moving process, yet I would like to share just a few details to give you an idea of how to get started with EFT Tapping for stress relief.

First, at least on my list, I needed to find a home down in Prescott Arizona that I liked. I already had this narrowed down a bit, so it wasn't very stressful. Once I found the house I wanted, I needed to speak to the real estate agent and go over details. This can be very stressful, especially if you are not familiar with the process like myself. Once you get all the details, as I did, there's a great deal of stress. So, I took each topic of this new home and 'tapped' on it. Such as the price. The details inside the home. The land that is included with the home. Each facet of the home I disliked and could possibly change. Each facet of the home I truly enjoyed. I'm sure you get the idea.

Second, I needed to 'fix up' my existing home in Las Vegas. Although it didn't need much in the way of maintenance, I did want to ensure everything was looking great so I could sell it. This process can be overwhelming! So, I went room by room, and sat down and tapped on each aspect of what needed to be done in each room to make it look beautiful. Once my perceived stress of what needed to be done was eliminated, I would then proceed to do what needed to be done to fix up each room.

Third, dealing with the real estate agent in regards to selling my home. Lot's of stress here! Although she is a fine agent, there is a LOT of paperwork involved, and for most of us, this causes us stress. We are dealing with money, a lot of legal terminology, etc., etc. Again, serious stress. Thus, after each meeting with the agent I would take each topic in regards to selling my home and tap on it. This would calm me down so I could review all this documentation rationally. Keep this in mind: We often make decisions emotionally. Yet, when dealing with huge topics and issues such as finances and physically moving to another state, I needed to look at all the facts in a rational manner. List price of the home. Showing the home to prospective buyers. Home inspection. Home appraisal. Etc., etc. There's a lot involved! I spent hours tapping on each 'aspect' of all of these.

Fourth, I needed to secure financing for the new home. This process should probably be higher up in priority, as it takes awhile, but I'll list it as fourth. Even though I have a lot of equity in my current home, I still needed to secure financing for the new home. Keep in mind that this may take 30-45 days, and I am not joking. Seldom will this process be completed sooner. Don't count on it! Especially if you are self-employed as I am. Lending institutions do not seem to want to loan money to us. (Long story on that topic, which I won't go into now.) This involves a lot of communication and paperwork with the lending institution. What a headache! Once again, I spent many hours tapping on all these topics and aspects. How much are they going to loan me? What's the interest rate? How much are the closing costs? Why do you need all this information from me? I am not kidding when I say that mid-way through this process I felt violated. I felt like a pin cushion that everyone was taking a poke at. Seriously!

Fifth, there's the coordination between selling the current home, getting financing, setting up a moving company, and opening up an account with a title company for the new home. Tons of stress here! I would be remiss if I didn't say that I lost many a nights sleep over this process, even WITH the EFT Tapping! Why? Because I'd be jarred awake in the middle of the night with something I had forgot to do the day before. Thus, I'd get up and tap on said issue. Thus, the event or task would be cleared away, yet depending on the time I awoke, often times I'd choose not to attempt to go back to sleep.

Sixth, moving and setting up the new home. Not nearly as stressful as the process listed above, yet in the new home I moved to, there's not much storage space. More stress! So, what then? More EFT Tapping!

So, does this give you an idea of how to perform EFT Tapping for stress relief? Here is the biggest tip I can offer you...

Break down large, consuming issues into small parts. If you are stressed over a large issue of selling your home, as mentioned above, break it down, and WRITE DOWN, all the aspects which go into this process. Then, go through your written list, or EFT Tapping journal as I refer to it as, and tap on each issue or aspect. One thing is for sure: You need to tap through ALL the issues on your list as they all come together to create this 'monster' in your head, this huge issue, you are having trouble dealing with. And of course take action on what needs to be done on your list, don't just tap on the issues and hope they will go away on their own. They won't. Be pro-active, not re-active.

Thus, the moral of the story is, at least for this blog post, keep doing your EFT Tapping! Listed below is probably the most comprehensive tapping video I've made. I'll make more videos as soon as I get moved into the new home. If you are new to EFT Tapping, this video shows you the basics, and covers most of the issues.

Until next time,

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